Motivating ELL Students to Learn – Lingo Jingo

Motivating ELL Students to Learn - Lingo Jingo

There are many challenges that ELL students are prone to when studying a new language. Right form trying to understand the grammar of the English language to trying to comprehend the various figures of speech, allusions and metaphors that are used, the entire process of learning the language is a long one. It needs a certain amount of commitment and dedication to face all these hurdles and learn the language well so that you become proficient in it.

Why do ELL students have a tough time?

Most often, there aren’t many other students in the classroom that are able to speak the language of these students. Thus, there is no one that they can communicate with when they have difficulties or questions to bring to the fore. Cultural differences with the rest of the students as well as socio-political factors in their upbringing are some of the factors that will account for their difficulties.

At the same time, not all teachers are bilingual so they may not always be able to address the issues of these students either. Due to these hardships, ELL students always have a hard time learning what is being done in the classroom. Given that they are always a few paces behind the rest of the crowd, they will require extra attention to get to the level of the rest of the class. Due to the hardships they face, not only will they find the learning of the language hard but they may soon start to lose interest in it, finding that they are far behind the rest of their peers.

Hence, in motivating and encouraging them to continue learning the language with ease, Lingo Jingo can help you out.

Lingo Jingo – Motivating Students to Learn

Lingo Jingo is all about making the experience of learning fun and entertaining so that English language learners can look forward to taking the lessons and learning in a manner that can cater to their skill level. At the same time, this online platform also comes with course work that supplements all that is being taught in the classroom.

The content present on this platform allows you to supplement the classroom teaching and by getting the syllabus material in their native language as well as in the English language so that they will not have a hard time understanding what it is all about.

With various exercises and activities for ELL students to work on, this platform will allow them to enjoy a higher level of retention and better ability of coping to the classroom syllabus. With Lingo Jingo, students have the opportunity to access the study material at any time and on any device that they wish to do so, thereby enjoying complete ease of learning. With a simple content management system that will help you go through each test and progress to the next that matches your skill level, there is nothing to hamper your language learning here.


Lingo Jingo – Making Content Learning Easier

Lingo Jingo - Making Content Learning Easier

ELL students face a lot of challenges when it comes to learning a new language. However, letting these challenges weigh one down is just ridiculous. It is better to accept the challenges that are going to come your way and work to find a way out of them. Though ELL students have it tough, with the right tools and educators to guide them in the language, learning it will not be a major issue.

Challenges Faced by ELL Students

When it comes to course-content, ELL students are weighed down by more issues than just learning the English language. To really understand the various aspects of English language, one needs to have sufficient knowledge about the different literary genres along with the cultural base that they are rooted in.

Without sufficient background knowledge to guide their learning, ELL students will most certainly be lost when it comes to understanding the text. Some of the common challenges that ELL students face when learning to read a text include:

  • Trying to understand the idioms, the homonyms, synonyms and figurative language that the text is interspersed with.
  • While learning grammar may be easy in itself. There are certain instances when it can cause one to tear their hair out especially when it comes to the many ‘exceptions to the rules’ that the language is full of.
  • A difficult text structure, sentence structure, syntax or story theme can sometimes be hard to explain.
  • ELL students will also be completely unfamiliar with the notion of analysing characters and coming to your own conclusions when faced with open-ended texts and so on.

These hardships may serve to discourage ELL students from learning the language. However, with the help of Lingo Jingo all these challenges can be put to rest and students will have a far easier time grasping all the nuances of the language.

How does Lingo Jingo help in such situations?

Lingo Jingo is an online platform that makes content learning a far easier task than it is seen to be in the classroom. With an extensive availability of course work that focuses on the syllabus and beyond, there is nothing that will be out of your reach. Students can easily get their hands on study material that includes lessons, activities and more that will support their classroom curriculum.

This platform also provides teachers with performance dashboards thereby allowing them to gauge the students’ performance and accordingly assign them more work in the area that they are weak in. By using methods that have shown positive results, the coursework here provides differentiated instructions for ELL learners that attend to their respective skill levels.

Lingo Jingo helps empower teachers with the ability to attend to the needs of ELL students and provide them with extra attention, all from the confines of one’s own home. Hence, by using this platform to supplement the classroom teaching, ELL students will find it easier to cope with the content that is being taught in the class and will, thus, not remain far behind the rest of their peers. Thus Lingo Jingo is the right tool to help make content learning a far easier goal.

Why Do You Need to Learn More Than One Language! – Lingo Jingo

Why Do You Need to Learn More Than One Language - Lingo Jingo

Having an additional language up your sleeve always gives you a better image. Although language learning can be a difficult process, by using the right platform it can also be fun. People may choose to learn a language for various reasons. But irrespective of why you want to learn an additional language, Lingo Jingo is the right platform to help you make this happen.

Reasons for Learning A Foreign Language

Apart from the fact that learning a language can be fun, it also helps expand one’s social circle.  When you know an additional language, you increase the possibility of getting to know more fun and exciting people belonging to different cultures. Hence, you awaken yourself to new ways of life that you had not encountered thus far.

Since language and culture go hand in hand, by learning the language of another culture, you are better able to understand their customs and traditions and will automatically become more open-minded toward others. This is why it is said that language learning can contribute not just to the process of socialization, but also to the formation of cultural identities and the development of cultural models for the world.

When you learn a new language, you open more doors for yourself whether it is with regard to employment or further studies. Given the fact that we live in an increasingly globalized world where people now have ties with countries across the globe, the need to know more languages is increasing and comes with the added advantage of increasing employability. People who are bilingual will certainly stand a greater chance of getting the job as compared to someone who speaks just one language.

For these reasons, people are starting to learn new languages. With Lingo Jingo, language learning can now be easier than before.

How Can Lingo Jingo Help?

Lingo Jingo is an online platform which provides content that facilitates language learning. If you wish to learn a language, we can help you do it. On this platform you get access to content that supports whatever is done in the classroom along with additional material so that you may practice on your own. Lingo Jingo allows teachers to prepare activities and exercises that their students can work on from the comfort of their homes so that they can choose a time that suits them best and get to the task.

At Lingo Jingo, we are constantly expanding our course syllabus. We introduce lessons at various levels so you can always choose your skill level and then proceed with the activity. With a mix of visual aids, audio and text, learning a new language will be a piece of cake.

Not only will you become fluent in writing it, but you will also have the chance to master the dialect of the language with the help of Lingo Jingo. So visit the site today and let Lingo Jingo help make language learning a breeze.

Helping English Language Learners Cope – Lingo Jingo

Lingo Jingo Helping English Language Learners CopeWhen it comes to teaching students something new, if it is not fun it, will not inspire. Being ground in this belief, we at Lingo Jingo strive to help you make English Language Learning a more fun experience by integrating user-friendly interfaces and creative methods to instill in students the desire to learn.

Why the need to learn more languages?

There may be many reasons why a child would be interested in learning a language apart from their native tongue. If anything, this is an initiative that should be encouraged by teachers, knowledge facilitators and educators, as children are able to grasp new languages far better when young. Another reason as to why you should encourage this is for the simple purpose that through a language, children can learn a lot more about the culture and customs associated with it.

Helping students cope with the language

On an average, learning the English language is said to take about seven years to gain complete proficiency. ELL students may lag behind the rest of the class and may need a little extra attention in the pursuit of learning the new language. This is where Lingo Jingo comes in and you can use the features and resources it offers to help your ELL students.


  • We can help by providing an online platform that will supplement everything that is being taught in the classroom.
  • By constructing your own teaching style, you can cater to the needs of different students in a different manner.
  • You can use this platform to develop creative ways to help ELL students build their vocabulary and eventually, master the language.

How does Lingo Jingo stand apart from the rest?

Of course, teachers are the most important factor in any teaching process, but additional help for teachers can never be a hindrance. We, at Lingo Jingo, strive to help you as a facilitator by supplementing your teaching methods through our online platform. We aim to provide lessons that will encourage the ELL students to keep learning and practicing, all the while being monitored under the watchful eyes of their teachers. Therefore, in this manner, they will be able to get that extra attention and practice needed in order to cope with the language better. Visit for more information

What is ‘Summer Slide’, Does it Affect Language Learning, and How Can it Be Avoided?

Stats show that summer breaks have a negative impact on the students, the break cuts them off from their learning and they are back to square one. Register with Lingo Jingo and keep yourself connected to the students even while on a break so that they are well versed with the material even after it.

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