An Online Tool To Support ELL Development – Lingo Jingo

An Online Tool To Support ELL Development - Lingo Jingo

Learning a language need not always be a difficult process. If anything, it can be fun and can even stimulate an understanding of other cultures. As an ELL teacher, the best way for you to make language learning a fun and flexible experience for students is by making use of all that Lingo Jingo has to offer.

What is Lingo Jingo all about?

Lingo Jingo is an online platform that seeks to work with students and teachers by supplementing classroom teaching and coming up with activities and lessons that will help improve the language learning ability of ELL students. It certainly is no surprise that English Language Learners need a far more attention and practice to gain a hold of the language and sometimes as a teacher it may not be possible for you to provide personal attention to each and every student. This is where the role of Lingo Jingo comes into play. This online platform is available to all schools in the United States.

Using Lingo Jingo to support development of ELL students

Lingo Jingo helps you as a teacher to formulate lessons that can be accessed by your students from anywhere and at any time. It affords ELL students the opportunity to interlink their personal learning with the lessons you teach in the class thereby getting a double benefit.

Your English Language Learners students can make full use of the wide variety of interactive courses that Lingo Jingo has to offer. Right from vocabulary to grammar development, the flexibility and possibility of practicing and learning at their own pace is now available to all ELL students.

Students are also provided feedback as they progress through each lesson so that they can accordingly decide where they need more practice and which aspect they already excel in. We design activities that support any curriculum that is used in the classroom.

Apart from this, ELL students can use this platform to work on their individual language goals and knowing what aspect they are weak in, they can accordingly put in the extra effort to overcome these.

Hence, with the help of Lingo Jingo, acquiring a new language skill will no longer be a difficult ordeal, as making communication easier for the world is what we aim to accomplish and offer our ELL teachers many tools to facilitate learning in and outside the classroom.