Lingo Jingo – Helping Teachers Who are Not Bilingual Assist ELL Students

Lingo Jingo - Helping Teachers Who are Not Bilingual Assist ELL Students

Learning the English language may not always be easy, particularly for those students that don’t come from English speaking homes or backgrounds. So in most cases these English language learners need additional help to master the language or at least to communicate effectively in it. Lingo Jingo – an online English learning platform has been devised to help teachers assist ELL students master the language in a fun way!

ELL Students are usually easy to identify as they are usually the quietest ones in the classroom and will avoid interacting with others. Naturally, this is because they do not communicate in the language that everyone else communicates in. Only when there is someone else who speaks their native language, will they move away from being silent and settle down to that environment.

Being exposed to people who speak the English language is not always enough to help ELL students to pick up the language.  Sometimes, it is also difficult for a teacher or an educator who is not bilingual to take on the task of helping the ELL students make sense of what is happening in the classroom. This is why Lingo Jingo – the online English learning platform works well to assist ELL students and goes on to help them acquire native-like proficiency in the language.

How Lingo Jingo Can Help Teachers Who Are Not Bi-lingual?

When you as an educator are unable to speak or understand the native language of ELL students, it could pose a serious dilemma. However, our online teaching platform which is used by educators and teachers to help students further their knowledge of the English language provides the solution to you. Lingo Jingo makes use of interactive sessions and various other course materials to assist ELL students in acquiring the language.

Through this online platform, teachers can make a vital contribution to the learning and progress of the ELL student even without being bilingual. Since it provides students with content that is in their native language as well as in English, teachers need not worry about not being bilingual. Students can be assigned lessons in class by their teachers and they can also be given additional work that the ELL students can work on at home. With Lingo Jingo, there is no worry about not being able to communicate and get through to one another.

How does Lingo Jingo benefit students?

Effective education does require dedicated education and this is where Lingo Jingo has been able to make a name for itself. By using Lingo Jingo, English language learners will soon begin to have an easier time keeping up with their classes as well as when it comes to keeping up with their peers. The various content and the extensive course materials for the English language that is available here is enough to help ELL students to grasp the language.

What’s more, teachers can also assist ELL students by providing them with exercises and work that supplements their classroom teachings. With Lingo Jingo, students have the opportunity to access information at any time and on any device. So if you are dedicated to acquiring the language, go ahead and join this online platform because there is nothing else standing in your way.

Here Some Fun Lessons for ELL Students:


Why Do Teachers Need To Adapt To The Students In The Classroom?

Why Do Teachers Need To Adapt To The Students In The Classroom - Lingo Jingo

When it comes to English Language Learners, the task of mastering a new language is not as easy as it is for an average learner who uses English as their second language. As a teacher you must have observed that students who do not speak English at all have an even more difficult time trying to work their way into mastering the language.

However, since English Language Learners (ELL) usually lag behind their peers, there is a need for additional attention. This is why the role of you as a teacher in facilitating the acquisition of new languages is very important. 

Role of teachers in promoting the development of ELL students

When it comes to ELL students, Lingo Jingo has proven to be a very effective tool to help supplement the teaching done in a classroom. The ability of every ELL student will differ when it comes to grasping the language. However, with the help of Lingo Jingo, teachers get the convenience to adapt their classroom methods and teaching styles to meet the levels of different ELL students.

This online platform helps you to make your classes more flexible and fun by developing new courses or customizing lessons.

How Lingo Jingo can help

Given the large scale migration to US from across the world, the number of English Language Learners is steadily increasing and it is important for ELL teachers to be able to adapt to the increasing number of students. With a tool like Lingo Jingo, this is now possible.

As a teacher, you can keep track of the progress of your ELL students and make sure they are progressing with the rest of the classroom. This can be done by creating lessons that ELL students can practice and revise at any time, even from the comfort of their homes.

Lingo Jingo also makes it possible for you to keep in contact and provide help to your students when they are on break or even not making use of the course. For the purpose of testing ELL students, this platform provides you with performance dashboards that make use of analytics to keep track of a student’s progressive performance.

Since it is clear teachers need to adapt themselves to meet the requirements of various ELL students, Lingo Jingo is the best platform to help make this task easier.