Breaking Down Common Core Topics to Make Them Simpler to Understand – Lingo Jingo

While learning any new language there are a lot of basics that first need to be covered. If the ELL student is attempting to learn the language at a young age, tackling this will not be too hard. However, when the ELL student enters the classroom at a later stage, that is, when he or she is in the secondary stage of their education, coping up with the classroom syllabus can be difficult.

Common Core Standards

When referring to the Common Core State Standards, they are basically a shared set of goals and expectations that students learning English, mathematics and some other subjects are supposed to possess. This is usually applicable at each grade level as it helps prepare the child to achieve success, whether it is in college, in their career or in life.

In 2012, the need to come out with common core standards among students was strongly felt by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The common core standards of a language need to reflect the best understanding of that particular language.

Hence, there was a need to help ELL students establish and learn these common core standards for the language.

Lingo Jingo – Here to Help

Lingo Jingo makes it easier for ELL students to grasp common core topics. By making them available in Spanish as well as other native languages, it facilitates ease of learning and helps implement and boost their involvement in class.

This online platform allows ELL students the opportunity to address their difficulties and work on them at their leisure without any interruptions. They are also afforded the opportunity of re-visiting topics that they were unable to grasp in class and working on them till they are able to understand it. With lessons, course work and activities that will enable better retention and learning of ELL students, this platform provides study material that supplements one’s classroom syllabus and at the same time, provides one with additional knowledge about related subjects.

At the same time, Lingo Jingo provides teachers the chance to reduce their workload while still being able to cater to the needs of English language learners. By constructing and preparing study material that these students can work on in their free time, they will soon be able to reach the level of the rest of their classmates and will cease to lag behind in class. The content that is available on this platform can be customized by educators so that it is able to facilitate their instructional motives.

Hence, learning the basic core standards of any language will not be a burden with Lingo Jingo as we allow teachers to utilize images, audio as well as video to help the student understand. The lessons here are engaging and will keep students active as they examine the different content given and provide answers to the given context. Teachers are even able to mark their students and see which areas they lack in, thereby focusing more on those areas to help them improve.

Here Some Interesting Lessons of Common Core:

  1. Common core- Equal groups :–Grupos-iguales/602/0
  2. Reading and Literacy, Vocabulary Building: Emil and the Detectives :—Fiction–Emil-and-the-Detectives–1-/645/0
  3. Common Core – Math – 3.OA.A.1a (Portuguese) :—Math—3-OA-A-1a–Portuguese-/638/0
  4. Common Core Third Grade Math – English :–Third-Grade-Math—English/617/0
  5. Common Core Third Grade Math – Spanish :—Spanish/619/0