Assigning Lessons to Your ELL Students – Lingo Jingo

Assigning Lessons to Your ELL Students - Lingo Jingo

Given that ELL students usually lag behind their peers and have a hard time coping with what is being done in class, there is always need to give them extra attention. Until they are able to come to the level of their peers, they will continue to be lost in the classroom setting. Thus, class participation will reduce drastically and they will soon lose complete interest in the task of learning the English language.

It is important to remember that English language learners have a double challenge that they need to face. Not only do they need to learn the language but they also need to learn the content at the same time. Content-area courses are bound to be a burden as apart from language skill, background knowledge is essential to master the subject.

Since specialised teaching is a must for these students, teachers need to chalk out some time to help them get back on track. Most often, spending time after class may not always be feasible given the large number of students that will be in need of special attention. Lingo Jingo gives teachers the ability to attend to the needs of their ELL students without too much difficulty.

Having a Properly Planned Lesson for ELL Students

When it comes to ELL students, if the lesson is well-planned it will cover all the necessary aspects that the students are falling behind in and will thus help them do better in class. A well-planned lesson for ELL students should include explicit knowledge about the subject which includes a little background information that pertains to it.

Interactions between students and teacher are very important to help ELL students tackle the language. But since this cannot be done all the time, using an online platform that supports all that is taught in the classroom is the best solution to the problem. This is why Lingo Jingo is an ideal platform for ELL students.

How Lingo Jingo Can Help?

The only way that teachers can address this issue is through appropriate lesson planning. Teachers need to take into account the different English language proficiency levels that exist among their students and create a lesson accordingly.

Lingo Jingo guides teachers in creating study material for their English language learners. Whether assigning lessons works better before or after they cover a given topic in class is always the problem. However, with Lingo Jingo’s guidance, teachers will have an easier time trying to help these students in tackling their difficulties.

Every student works at a different pace and thus recognising the level at which a student stands is an important task. With the help of Lingo Jingo teachers can compose study material for their students which can then be tackled according to their skill level. This platform is very effective in this manner. By assigning lessons that match the skill level of the respective student, they will not be completely lost when they come to class.

Lingo Jingo contains coursework that can be modified by teachers to suit their teaching needs as well as the needs of the respective students. So choose Lingo Jingo to learn the language better.


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