The Classroom is Changing in the USA – Lingo Jingo

The Classroom is Changing in The USA - Lingo Jingo

Learning a new language or even a second language is difficult for the student taking on the task. At the same time, the educators or teachers are also likely to have a hard time trying to figure out how to adapt their syllabus so that ELL students are not left lagging behind the rest of the class.

In the past decade, the United States has witnessed a massive rise in English language learners. A large number of the US student population is not proficient in the language. For instance about 80 percent of students going to public schools in California were found to speak Spanish at home. This trend is true for the entire United States.

Change in Classrooms in The US

Given the cultural and linguistic differences among students, with a large number of ELL Students entering into the classrooms, teachers are finding it very hard to educate this linguistically varied collection of students in their classroom.

When teaching English language learners, teachers need to put in extra effort and try and make their syllabus understandable to those that are struggling in the language as well. If the teacher does not take this extra effort, it will result in ELL students lagging behind in class while all the rest are able to progress. Due to the language barrier, ELL students find it hard to participate in class activities. At the same time they may step back from voicing their grievances and thus may not be able to follow much of what happens in the classroom.

Hence, to work round this problem, with the number of ELL students increasing in the classroom, there is a need for teachers to adapt their mode of teaching so that it includes special attention for ELL students. Lingo Jingo is the right platform to give teachers the chance to modify their teaching so that they can reach out to these students and help them understand the language better.

Take a look at our Info-graphic for more information : The Classroom is Changing – Lingo Jingo

How Does Lingo Jingo Help?

This online platform allows teachers the ability to design activities and learning material that can aid ELL students in their learning. It has content that helps facilitate all that is taught in the classroom so that students who were unable to understand a certain aspect can work on it, at their own leisure until they are able to address the issue.

At Lingo Jingo, students will be able to access coursework that matches their language skill level so that they can work and re-work on aspects that they find difficult. Since teachers may not always be able to provide constant after hours help to ELL students to get them on track with the rest of the class, with Lingo Jingo they can design activities and lessons that the students can access from home itself.

In this manner, the workload that an educator is put under in the changing classroom setting will now be reduced with the help of Lingo Jingo. Teachers will have a much easier time inspiring and teaching ELL students so that they are brought to the level of regular students.

So use Lingo Jingo to help deal with the changing situation in the classroom and still come out on top of it.


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