ELL Students in California – Lingo Jingo

ELL Students in California - Lingo Jingo

Learning English as a second language is not a piece of cake when you know absolutely nothing about the language. However, even among students who do know the language, becoming proficient in it takes time, dedication and energy.

Where the English Language Stands among California Students?

It is surprising to note that the year 2014-15 recorded approximately 1.392 million English learners in California schools. Thus, contrary to popular belief there are many there that do not possess proficiency in the English language. This figure is significantly lower than the previous year however, it still demands attention.

The number of English language learners that one finds in public schools is 22.3 % of the total student numbers. Similarly, 42.9 percent of those enrolled in public schools, that is, roughly a total of 2,672,128 students that do not speak English in their homes. About 83 percent of students speak Spanish in their homes.

Nearly 73 percent of English learners in California are enrolled in the elementary grades, which is from kindergarten. However, there are still many that are enrolled at the secondary level and hence, find it harder to cope up. In a study conducted, it was found that 350,000 students in the secondary level, that is grade six to twelve, were still not fluent in the language. That covers three-fourths of all secondary school students, who are still learning the English language.

Sadly, from this figure a large number are considered long-term learners as they have not been able to pass the state’s proficiency exam for two consecutive years due to having no access to specialized help. Thus, one third of the California student population are English language learners and more than 35, 000 have still not reached grade level after 5 years.

This is why the need for English language development is important. Teaching should focus on targeting the English proficiency level of ELL learners and then move up from there.

Lingo Jingo to The Rescue

This is precisely what Lingo Jingo seeks to accomplish. We provide English language learners with additional help so that they can cope up with what is being done in class. Teachers can make use of this platform to set up specialised study material that ELL students can avail of to facilitate their understanding of the language.

In this manner, teachers may use this platform to provide additional instructions to those students that are not able to cope with the classroom teaching alone. Lingo Jingo is stocked with content that supports the Common Core Standards for the English language and more.

(For more information about Common Corehttp://lingojingo.com/ELL-content-for-common-core-is-critical)

We provide flexibility to ELL students to work on their own time and put in as much effort as they are able to, even from the comfort of their home. Thus, trying to keep up to classroom teaching will soon cease to be a concern for ELL students.

Lingo Jingo provides a research-supported method of teaching that includes activities and explanations for ELL students in their native language and in English to facilitate better retention. Thus Lingo Jingo is just the tool to help ELL students in California and elsewhere to improve their proficiency in the language.


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