Changing the Way ELL Students Comprehend Lessons in Class – Lingo Jingo

Changing the Way ELL Students Comprehend Lessons in Class - Lingo JIngo

Literature in English will no doubt be hard for English language learners. Since most literature has its base in the culture of the region, there is a lot that an ELL Student will need to familiarise themselves with if they expect to learn something in the classroom. From information about the culture and background to familiarising oneself with the vocabulary, there is a lot that an English learner will need to absorb.

What Are the Challenges ELL Students Face?

When it comes to the English language, knowing the vocabulary is not enough to learn all there is to know about the lessons being taught in class. Learning the English language comes with so many hurdles that working your way through them will take time and dedication.

English abounds in figurative language and idioms and deciphering this will certainly not be easy for an ELL student. Similarly, the grammar of the language contains a lot of exceptions that may be hard to wrap one’s head around. The order of words, syntax, use of homonyms, synonyms will all pose a major hurdle for those who are completely unfamiliar with the language. Literary works also always tend to be stocked with imagery and symbolism.

Thus, all these issues cause ELL students to hesitate and stay away from class participation. Lagging behind the rest of the class, they may not feel comfortable voicing their doubts and uncertainties with the teacher either. They will find it hard to interact with mainstream students and will thus continue to remain behind in terms of learning.

So for ELL learners to perform in the classroom and do well in their tests, most of the time the only option open to them is to cram whatever is taught. If they are good at this, it will help them pass. But this is not the true motive of learning as it will not help them achieve any proficiency in the language. In such cases, Lingo Jingo can help.


Lingo Jingo – Making Learning Easier

Lingo Jingo is an online platform that focuses on making learning a fun and stimulating experience for ELL students and others. With a library full of content that lays emphasis on facilitating the study of what is done in the classroom, using this platform will certainly help one learn the easier way. Lingo Jingo helps students understand concepts in a much better manner, in an easier-to-understand manner. With activities and illustrations to accompany most work, this is where students get the chance to re-visit all that they have done in the classroom while at the same time, being provided with additional material to improve their knowledge and proficiency of the subject.

With these activities, any student will be better equipped to deal with all that takes place in the classroom. Hence, Lingo Jingo makes it easier for ELL students to cope with the classroom syllabi, thereby providing the opportunity to involve themselves more in classroom participation and interaction.

Here Some Fun Lessions for ELL Students:


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