ELL Students Get Access to Specialized Help for Language Learning via Lingo Jingo

ELL-Students-Get-Access-to-Specialized-Help-for-Language-Learning-via-Lingo Jingo

ELL students are bound to have a tough time picking up a language they are completely unfamiliar with. This is why they require additional help in catching up to their peers. Being surrounded by people who speak the English language will not really be enough as they are unable to understand what is being taught or spoken in class.

With the help of Lingo Jingo, ELL students can now push their worries away and move toward an easier way of learning the English language. After all, there is only so much a teacher can do for the student in the classroom. This is why, this online platform that Lingo Jingo offers to students, teachers and schools, allows teachers to engage with their students from the comfort of their homes and continue to tutor and guide them by setting up various learning activities and exercises for them to do better.

How Does Lingo Jingo Help ELL Students?

ELL students have a lot of hardships to face when it comes to learning the English language. However, Lingo Jingo tries to make this easier by providing a platform where teachers can engage students in various tasks that will help support their classroom studies.

Lingo Jingo helps by providing ways of increasing students’ retention and understanding of various topics through activities that are meant to supplement their classroom learning. Students can revise everything that has been covered in class and if they are stuck on a particular part, they have the opportunity to keep working on it until they have been able to solve it and move to a higher level. Since teachers do not always have the luxury to constantly revise one part just because one student is unable to catch up, this method helps ensure that all students are on the same page.

How does Lingo Jingo facilitate better teaching?

With the help of Lingo Jingo, teachers have a reduced workload but are still be able to help ELL students work toward their language acquisition goals. Our simple and easy-to-use content management system can be customized to suit the instructional needs of the educator. Teachers have the opportunity to create activities and exercises that they can test their students on, through this platform.

Every time a student engages with any lesson material on this platform, the teacher will be able to gauge how well the student is doing through a database that tells what language activities the student accessed, which activity took the most amount of time, how many times was a particular activity repeated and so on. In this way, the teacher will know which areas the student will require additional attention along with the areas that he has mastered.

Through Lingo Jingo, ELL students can get access to specialised help. Thus in this manner, with the constant aid of teachers and schools, Lingo Jingo can help ELL students adopt a structured learning program that will enable them to soon get their language skills to the level of their peers.


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