ELL Students Get Access to Specialized Help for Language Learning via Lingo Jingo

ELL-Students-Get-Access-to-Specialized-Help-for-Language-Learning-via-Lingo Jingo

ELL students are bound to have a tough time picking up a language they are completely unfamiliar with. This is why they require additional help in catching up to their peers. Being surrounded by people who speak the English language will not really be enough as they are unable to understand what is being taught or spoken in class.

With the help of Lingo Jingo, ELL students can now push their worries away and move toward an easier way of learning the English language. After all, there is only so much a teacher can do for the student in the classroom. This is why, this online platform that Lingo Jingo offers to students, teachers and schools, allows teachers to engage with their students from the comfort of their homes and continue to tutor and guide them by setting up various learning activities and exercises for them to do better.

How Does Lingo Jingo Help ELL Students?

ELL students have a lot of hardships to face when it comes to learning the English language. However, Lingo Jingo tries to make this easier by providing a platform where teachers can engage students in various tasks that will help support their classroom studies.

Lingo Jingo helps by providing ways of increasing students’ retention and understanding of various topics through activities that are meant to supplement their classroom learning. Students can revise everything that has been covered in class and if they are stuck on a particular part, they have the opportunity to keep working on it until they have been able to solve it and move to a higher level. Since teachers do not always have the luxury to constantly revise one part just because one student is unable to catch up, this method helps ensure that all students are on the same page.

How does Lingo Jingo facilitate better teaching?

With the help of Lingo Jingo, teachers have a reduced workload but are still be able to help ELL students work toward their language acquisition goals. Our simple and easy-to-use content management system can be customized to suit the instructional needs of the educator. Teachers have the opportunity to create activities and exercises that they can test their students on, through this platform.

Every time a student engages with any lesson material on this platform, the teacher will be able to gauge how well the student is doing through a database that tells what language activities the student accessed, which activity took the most amount of time, how many times was a particular activity repeated and so on. In this way, the teacher will know which areas the student will require additional attention along with the areas that he has mastered.

Through Lingo Jingo, ELL students can get access to specialised help. Thus in this manner, with the constant aid of teachers and schools, Lingo Jingo can help ELL students adopt a structured learning program that will enable them to soon get their language skills to the level of their peers.


Facilitating the Capability to Understand and Articulate What ELL’s are Learning in Class – Lingo Jingo

Facilitating the Capability to Understand and Articulate What ELL's are Learning in Class - Lingo Jingo

For ELL students, getting accustomed to the setting of the classroom can be quite a hard thing. It is not always possible to adjust yourself to an atmosphere wherein you are unable to communicate with your peers or even your teacher. However, Lingo Jingo can come to your rescue. Seeking to help ELL students to adjust to the classroom setting and get better acquainted with everything that is being done; this online platform is being seen as a good initiative in boosting the progress of ELL students.

Difficulties faced by ELL students

For those who have completely no knowledge of the language, learning English can be a difficult task, particularly when others are not able to understand your grievances or help you out due to the language barrier. This adds to the difficulties of ELL students making it hard for them to follow what is being done in class.

Being in a new and unfamiliar environment can hamper the self-esteem of ELL students thereby reducing their ability to learn the new language. Hence, it is important for teacher to consider the socio-cultural background of their students when teaching them the new language. A teacher-centred approach, even if it covers all the basics of grammar and punctuation will not be enough to help ELL students as they won’t follow much of it. An approach that focuses on engaging ELL students will better facilitate their learning. Lingo Jingo provides this opportunity.

How Lingo Jingo helps ELL students?

Lingo Jingo is a platform where English-language learners can facilitate their learning with the course material that we have to offer. Lingo Jingo seeks to go beyond the mere learning of lessons for securing good grades and seeks to help ELL students to understand and relate to what is being done in the classroom.

When students use Lingo Jingo, they can access information that is available here in their native language as well as in English. We provide material that supplements what is taught in the classroom. In this manner, students can easily go over everything they did not follow, and it also gives them an opportunity to work and practice themselves.

It is a fact that ELL students will be in need of additional tutoring to reach the level of their peers. This is why, Lingo Jingo provides educators and teachers the opportunity to engage with their students through this platform and formulate exercises and activities that the students can work on to improve their skills. This additional teaching should help them bridge the gap that exists between them and their peers.

What’s more, Lingo Jingo has an extensive library of information pertaining to the English language. With courses meant for beginners that cover vocabulary, numbers, alphabet and other basics to advanced courses that can be taken by those who want to master the language and gauge their proficiency in it there is something to cater to everyone’s level.

By allowing the teaching to continue even after ELL students leave the class, learning the language with Lingo Jingo will now be easier than before.

Can’t Get the Spanish Dialect Right? Start Practicing with Lingo Jingo

Can't Get the Spanish Dialect Right - Start Practicing with Lingo Jingo

Learning a language can be an adventurous task but it certainly isn’t easy. When you find yourself in the midst of people who are not able to converse in your language, perhaps due to a shift of your location, you have no other option but to get used to their language so that you are able to function adequately in society.

Thus, when you decide to learn a foreign language, you will always find yourself in need of help. Although some languages may be reasonably easy to pick up, others, like Spanish for instance, can be a tad bit harder. However, you have nothing to fear as Lingo Jingo provides a platform for young and old people to learn Spanish and other foreign languages in a simple and easy manner.

Need to Master The Spanish Language? Let Lingo Jingo Help You Out

If you are looking to learn Spanish online, Lingo Jingo is the place for you to do it. English and Spanish rest at two different ends of the spectrum as they make use of different capitalization. Thus knowing English will not make it easier for you to pick up the Spanish dialect.

In case you are familiar with Italian, it won’t be too hard to learn Spanish. However, if you do not possess any such base then you will definitely find that learning Spanish does come with various challenges of verb conjugations and so on. But more than that, even if you can write in Spanish, it is picking up the dialect that can be really hard. This is where Lingo Jingo can help you immensely.

Learn Spanish The Right Way With Lingo Jingo

This online platform provides language learners with a range of content that is related to their classroom syllabus and beyond. With exercises and activities that can be customized to cater to the skill level of various individuals, learning Spanish will certainly not be an issue.

Lingo Jingo makes it possible to learn Spanish online in a way that helps you master the dialect and the spoken language along with the written aspect of the language. The Spanish language lessons on Lingo Jingo include a mixture of audio, video and text based learning places stress on pronunciation and enunciation so that language learners can master the dialect along with the language.

Lingo Jingo is flexible and no matter what device you wish to learn it from, using it is possible. You can access lessons from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, the course covers lessons ranging from introductory vocabulary, which includes numbers, colours and the alphabet, to intermediate level. If you have already mastered this, you can directly move to the advanced stage which will cover advanced pronunciations, vocabulary as well as grammar.

So if you wish to Learn Spanish online, Lingo Jingo is the place for you. The best part is that this platform provides you with feedback at every stage so you can always see how well you are progressing.

Here Some Interesting Lessons for Learn Spanish:

Want to Learn a Language? Start Learning Online Using Lingo Jingo

Start Learning Online Using Lingo Jingo

With the world becoming a global village, there is an increasing need for people to learn more and more languages so that they can further their knowledge and travel the world. In most cases, English seems to have become the most sought-after language due to its universality. However, learning a second language is not always as easy as one may imagine.

Since it is not always easy to enrol yourself for a language course due to your hectic schedule, people have adopted the method of learning online and this actually comes with a whole host of benefits when compared to the traditional methods that were used to learn a language. Some of the major benefits that one can enjoy when they learn language online include:

  • Revising what was done – Through online courses, you can always repeat a lesson a couple of time until you have mastered it completely. In a normal course, this is not always possible due to time constraints and the need to finish the syllabus within certain days.
  • New ways of learning – When you tackle language learning online, you always have a variety of tools and lesson plans that address singular aspects of language learning like reading, writing, speaking and so on. Hence, you always have the chance to find the type of method that suits you best and go with it.
  • Meeting Your Standards – The best part about leaning a language online is that you can learn it on your own, at your convenience. This means, you can always dwell extra on aspects that are tough while moving past the easy stuff. This also leaves you with a lot of scope to position your life around these things in a way that is comfortable to you.
  • Multimedia options – With the advancement in technology, there are now different ways to learn a language online – from videos to audios to interactive courses and games, for learners the choice is endless.

All this is far more effective in helping a person learn a language. However, while learning a language online certainly has a host of benefits to offer, Lingo Jingo helps make online learning of a language far easier helping students acquire greater proficiency.

How does Lingo Jingo help in Language Learning?

This online platform provides an extensive database of content to ELL students which allow them to revise whatever was covered in class. At the same time, there is a lot of additional material related to classroom topics that you can go through.

The coursework here helps supplement whatever has been taught in the classroom in both, your native language as well as in English. What’s more, you can access this site whenever you feel like it, irrespective of what device you are using. The Lingo Jingo syllabus provides content for students belonging to different skill levels so you can always find the level you can handle and work your way up from there.

So if you have decided to lean a language online, Lingo Jingo is the place for you. By joining up here, our interactive teaching methods will help increase students’ retention and soon make you proficient in the language.

Lingo Jingo – Helping Teachers Who are Not Bilingual Assist ELL Students

Lingo Jingo - Helping Teachers Who are Not Bilingual Assist ELL Students

Learning the English language may not always be easy, particularly for those students that don’t come from English speaking homes or backgrounds. So in most cases these English language learners need additional help to master the language or at least to communicate effectively in it. Lingo Jingo – an online English learning platform has been devised to help teachers assist ELL students master the language in a fun way!

ELL Students are usually easy to identify as they are usually the quietest ones in the classroom and will avoid interacting with others. Naturally, this is because they do not communicate in the language that everyone else communicates in. Only when there is someone else who speaks their native language, will they move away from being silent and settle down to that environment.

Being exposed to people who speak the English language is not always enough to help ELL students to pick up the language.  Sometimes, it is also difficult for a teacher or an educator who is not bilingual to take on the task of helping the ELL students make sense of what is happening in the classroom. This is why Lingo Jingo – the online English learning platform works well to assist ELL students and goes on to help them acquire native-like proficiency in the language.

How Lingo Jingo Can Help Teachers Who Are Not Bi-lingual?

When you as an educator are unable to speak or understand the native language of ELL students, it could pose a serious dilemma. However, our online teaching platform which is used by educators and teachers to help students further their knowledge of the English language provides the solution to you. Lingo Jingo makes use of interactive sessions and various other course materials to assist ELL students in acquiring the language.

Through this online platform, teachers can make a vital contribution to the learning and progress of the ELL student even without being bilingual. Since it provides students with content that is in their native language as well as in English, teachers need not worry about not being bilingual. Students can be assigned lessons in class by their teachers and they can also be given additional work that the ELL students can work on at home. With Lingo Jingo, there is no worry about not being able to communicate and get through to one another.

How does Lingo Jingo benefit students?

Effective education does require dedicated education and this is where Lingo Jingo has been able to make a name for itself. By using Lingo Jingo, English language learners will soon begin to have an easier time keeping up with their classes as well as when it comes to keeping up with their peers. The various content and the extensive course materials for the English language that is available here is enough to help ELL students to grasp the language.

What’s more, teachers can also assist ELL students by providing them with exercises and work that supplements their classroom teachings. With Lingo Jingo, students have the opportunity to access information at any time and on any device. So if you are dedicated to acquiring the language, go ahead and join this online platform because there is nothing else standing in your way.

Here Some Fun Lessons for ELL Students:

Learn English But with a Twist with Lingo Jingo

Learn English But with a Twist with Lingo Jingo

When students try to learn a new language, there are a number of hurdles they have to face. The most important one is trying to decipher what is being done in class and translating it into their native language so that they know how to respond. However, when a person is completely unfamiliar with the language, doing this will not be easy. To help make things easier for ELL students Lingo Jingo offers various online courses through which they can learn English Online the fun way!

What are the issues ELL students face?

When there are cultural and linguistic differences between students and even with the teacher, ELL students will have a hard time adapting to the situation and following what is happening in the classroom. Naturally, they will be a couple of steps behind the rest of the class. This can be a hassle for them as well as for the teachers. Hence, it is important for teachers to recognise that they will need extra help in order to reach the same level as the rest of their peers.

This can easily be done by using Lingo Jingo. Although teachers may not be able to set aside extra time every day to tutor these students, they can comfortably do this from their homes through this online platform. With Lingo Jingo, learning English just became more fun.

Lingo Jingo gives teachers the chance to support their classroom teaching through additional coursework and activities that can be completed by students from the comfort of their homes. With the help of visuals, exercises and tasks that are based on the skill level of a particular student, this method of learning English online has been found to be very useful particularly when helping to bring ELL students to the level of the rest of the class.

Lingo Jingo – Learning English The Fun Way

No matter what online medium you choose to help you pick up the language, no one can make learning English as much fun as Lingo Jingo. This online platform is efficient and can be used by just about anyone to learn English online. With the purpose of helping educators and teachers improve the performance of their English language learners, Lingo Jingo provides a platform where students can engage in various interactive ways of learning and can even revisit the topics and subject matter that has been covered in the classroom.

Through Lingo Jingo teachers are able to reach out to students in their native language as well as in English so that the student is not completely lost. This has proven to be a step in the right direction. Apart from this, Lingo Jingo also provides course materials to students that enable them to test their knowledge of the language online. (For more information visit: http://lingojingo.com/teachers )

The best part, every activity has a different skill level so no matter what aspect you are weak in, you can always work at the level that suits you and overcome your hardship. Lingo Jingo is accessible to everyone and makes learning English online a whole new experience. So if you want to learn English online, remember, it does not get better than this! Lingo Jingo can show you a fun and efficient way of learning the language and excelling at it.

Fun Lessons for ELL Students: