How Can A Teacher Contribute To The Development Of ELL Students?

How Can A Teacher Contribute To The Development Of ELL Students - Lingo Jingo

Learning new languages can always be a fun experience, particularly if the mode of teaching is able to meet the requirements of students who need extra attention. Thankfully, as an ELL Teacher, you can use the features of Lingo Jingo to contribute to the development of your ELL students.

Lingo Jingo designs activities that are meant to facilitate the teaching that takes place in the classroom. They have various kinds of activities to facilitate learning. Whether teacher-centric or text-centric, Lingo Jingo provides students with just that.

How can a Teacher contribute to the development of ELL students?

The major onus of helping a student pick up the nuances of a language and thereby facilitate their fluency in speaking it rests on the teacher. English Language Learners (ELL) usually tend to lag behind their classmates in picking up the language. Sometimes, they may possess acceptable oral vocabulary but their written skills are still far behind the rest. In such cases, the only salvation comes in the form of extra effort and attention provided by you, their teachers.

Lingo Jingo focuses on helping you aid students in picking up new languages. With the help of Lingo Jingo, you can facilitate the development of English Language Learners in the following ways.

  • After teaching students in class, you can make use of Lingo Jingo’s online platform to allow students access those lessons at any time, thereby allowing more revision and practice.
  • You can customize programs according to a student’s aptitude and ability to grasp what is being done
  • Apart from just assigning standard lessons, you can create meaningful lessons that focus on the weak points of each student will help aid the learning process of English Language Learners greatly.
  • After a student completes a particular lesson, you will be able provide immediate feedback on that lesson. The feedback will enable students to continue working on the difficult parts or move on to something new.
  • By designing engaging lessons for students, you can create a participatory spirit among them, thereby helping them mingle with native English speakers.

With the help of Lingo Jingo, ELL students can now have a more efficient and fun way of learning the language. It will also make it easier for you to guide and monitor your students.


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