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Lingo Jingo Helping English Language Learners CopeWhen it comes to teaching students something new, if it is not fun it, will not inspire. Being ground in this belief, we at Lingo Jingo strive to help you make English Language Learning a more fun experience by integrating user-friendly interfaces and creative methods to instill in students the desire to learn.

Why the need to learn more languages?

There may be many reasons why a child would be interested in learning a language apart from their native tongue. If anything, this is an initiative that should be encouraged by teachers, knowledge facilitators and educators, as children are able to grasp new languages far better when young. Another reason as to why you should encourage this is for the simple purpose that through a language, children can learn a lot more about the culture and customs associated with it.

Helping students cope with the language

On an average, learning the English language is said to take about seven years to gain complete proficiency. ELL students may lag behind the rest of the class and may need a little extra attention in the pursuit of learning the new language. This is where Lingo Jingo comes in and you can use the features and resources it offers to help your ELL students.


  • We can help by providing an online platform that will supplement everything that is being taught in the classroom.
  • By constructing your own teaching style, you can cater to the needs of different students in a different manner.
  • You can use this platform to develop creative ways to help ELL students build their vocabulary and eventually, master the language.

How does Lingo Jingo stand apart from the rest?

Of course, teachers are the most important factor in any teaching process, but additional help for teachers can never be a hindrance. We, at Lingo Jingo, strive to help you as a facilitator by supplementing your teaching methods through our online platform. We aim to provide lessons that will encourage the ELL students to keep learning and practicing, all the while being monitored under the watchful eyes of their teachers. Therefore, in this manner, they will be able to get that extra attention and practice needed in order to cope with the language better. Visit for more information


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