Why Do Teachers Need To Adapt To The Students In The Classroom?

Why Do Teachers Need To Adapt To The Students In The Classroom - Lingo Jingo

When it comes to English Language Learners, the task of mastering a new language is not as easy as it is for an average learner who uses English as their second language. As a teacher you must have observed that students who do not speak English at all have an even more difficult time trying to work their way into mastering the language.

However, since English Language Learners (ELL) usually lag behind their peers, there is a need for additional attention. This is why the role of you as a teacher in facilitating the acquisition of new languages is very important. 

Role of teachers in promoting the development of ELL students

When it comes to ELL students, Lingo Jingo has proven to be a very effective tool to help supplement the teaching done in a classroom. The ability of every ELL student will differ when it comes to grasping the language. However, with the help of Lingo Jingo, teachers get the convenience to adapt their classroom methods and teaching styles to meet the levels of different ELL students.

This online platform helps you to make your classes more flexible and fun by developing new courses or customizing lessons.

How Lingo Jingo can help

Given the large scale migration to US from across the world, the number of English Language Learners is steadily increasing and it is important for ELL teachers to be able to adapt to the increasing number of students. With a tool like Lingo Jingo, this is now possible.

As a teacher, you can keep track of the progress of your ELL students and make sure they are progressing with the rest of the classroom. This can be done by creating lessons that ELL students can practice and revise at any time, even from the comfort of their homes.

Lingo Jingo also makes it possible for you to keep in contact and provide help to your students when they are on break or even not making use of the course. For the purpose of testing ELL students, this platform provides you with performance dashboards that make use of analytics to keep track of a student’s progressive performance.

Since it is clear teachers need to adapt themselves to meet the requirements of various ELL students, Lingo Jingo is the best platform to help make this task easier.


An Online Tool To Support ELL Development – Lingo Jingo

An Online Tool To Support ELL Development - Lingo Jingo

Learning a language need not always be a difficult process. If anything, it can be fun and can even stimulate an understanding of other cultures. As an ELL teacher, the best way for you to make language learning a fun and flexible experience for students is by making use of all that Lingo Jingo has to offer.

What is Lingo Jingo all about?

Lingo Jingo is an online platform that seeks to work with students and teachers by supplementing classroom teaching and coming up with activities and lessons that will help improve the language learning ability of ELL students. It certainly is no surprise that English Language Learners need a far more attention and practice to gain a hold of the language and sometimes as a teacher it may not be possible for you to provide personal attention to each and every student. This is where the role of Lingo Jingo comes into play. This online platform is available to all schools in the United States.

Using Lingo Jingo to support development of ELL students

Lingo Jingo helps you as a teacher to formulate lessons that can be accessed by your students from anywhere and at any time. It affords ELL students the opportunity to interlink their personal learning with the lessons you teach in the class thereby getting a double benefit.

Your English Language Learners students can make full use of the wide variety of interactive courses that Lingo Jingo has to offer. Right from vocabulary to grammar development, the flexibility and possibility of practicing and learning at their own pace is now available to all ELL students.

Students are also provided feedback as they progress through each lesson so that they can accordingly decide where they need more practice and which aspect they already excel in. We design activities that support any curriculum that is used in the classroom.

Apart from this, ELL students can use this platform to work on their individual language goals and knowing what aspect they are weak in, they can accordingly put in the extra effort to overcome these.

Hence, with the help of Lingo Jingo, acquiring a new language skill will no longer be a difficult ordeal, as making communication easier for the world is what we aim to accomplish and offer our ELL teachers many tools to facilitate learning in and outside the classroom.

Lessons To Encourage ELL Student’s Evolvement In Class

Lessons To Encourage ELL Student’s Evolvement In Class - Lingo Jingo

Since ELL students are unfamiliar with the language, you would need to start right from the basics. Thankfully, you can use the digital platform of Lingo Jingo to ensure proper learning. Lingo Jingo is a platform that is aimed at helping ELL students improve and increase their proficiency in a new language.

Beginning from Scratch

To help ELL students evolve and reach the same level as that of their classmates, you need to begin with the basics. Having no background or skill in the language means they will need a lot of help to reach the level of their peers. This can be done by modifying and constructing lesson patterns to focus on the basics of the English language.

Lessons to Aid ELL Students

Some of the basics that you should focus on would include:

  • Introducing the students to the nuances of English grammar, teaching and explaining the usage of idioms and other figurative language
  • Encouraging class participation in order to test their verbal skills. This would require the creation of specific activities that include working in pairs or groups
  • Another important basic lesson could be forming associations between the words and the object. This can be done with the help of flashcards, stories or even songs
  • Lessons that include teaching poems or rhymes to the students will help make learning easier
  • Regular speaking lessons that will help build fluency and get students to express themselves so that you can gauge their level of understanding


Lingo Jingo – Helping Teachers Face the Odds

Though you may find it hard to help these students reach the level that their peers are at, Lingo Jingo provides various services that help facilitate the teaching done in the classroom while at the same time developing ways and methods by which English Language Learners can continue to develop and hone their language skills even when outside the classroom.

Further, Lingo Jingo offers students a variety of interactive courses that facilitate the learning of language with emphasis on grammar development and vocabulary. When learning is made fun, it becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. As a result, students retain the lessons and what they have learned.

So trust Lingo Jingo to help make your classroom a more interactive and fun environment where ELL students can now look forward to learning and also evolving as students.

How Can A Teacher Contribute To The Development Of ELL Students?

How Can A Teacher Contribute To The Development Of ELL Students - Lingo Jingo

Learning new languages can always be a fun experience, particularly if the mode of teaching is able to meet the requirements of students who need extra attention. Thankfully, as an ELL Teacher, you can use the features of Lingo Jingo to contribute to the development of your ELL students.

Lingo Jingo designs activities that are meant to facilitate the teaching that takes place in the classroom. They have various kinds of activities to facilitate learning. Whether teacher-centric or text-centric, Lingo Jingo provides students with just that.

How can a Teacher contribute to the development of ELL students?

The major onus of helping a student pick up the nuances of a language and thereby facilitate their fluency in speaking it rests on the teacher. English Language Learners (ELL) usually tend to lag behind their classmates in picking up the language. Sometimes, they may possess acceptable oral vocabulary but their written skills are still far behind the rest. In such cases, the only salvation comes in the form of extra effort and attention provided by you, their teachers.

Lingo Jingo focuses on helping you aid students in picking up new languages. With the help of Lingo Jingo, you can facilitate the development of English Language Learners in the following ways.

  • After teaching students in class, you can make use of Lingo Jingo’s online platform to allow students access those lessons at any time, thereby allowing more revision and practice.
  • You can customize programs according to a student’s aptitude and ability to grasp what is being done
  • Apart from just assigning standard lessons, you can create meaningful lessons that focus on the weak points of each student will help aid the learning process of English Language Learners greatly.
  • After a student completes a particular lesson, you will be able provide immediate feedback on that lesson. The feedback will enable students to continue working on the difficult parts or move on to something new.
  • By designing engaging lessons for students, you can create a participatory spirit among them, thereby helping them mingle with native English speakers.

With the help of Lingo Jingo, ELL students can now have a more efficient and fun way of learning the language. It will also make it easier for you to guide and monitor your students.

Helping English Language Learners Cope – Lingo Jingo

Lingo Jingo Helping English Language Learners CopeWhen it comes to teaching students something new, if it is not fun it, will not inspire. Being ground in this belief, we at Lingo Jingo strive to help you make English Language Learning a more fun experience by integrating user-friendly interfaces and creative methods to instill in students the desire to learn.

Why the need to learn more languages?

There may be many reasons why a child would be interested in learning a language apart from their native tongue. If anything, this is an initiative that should be encouraged by teachers, knowledge facilitators and educators, as children are able to grasp new languages far better when young. Another reason as to why you should encourage this is for the simple purpose that through a language, children can learn a lot more about the culture and customs associated with it.

Helping students cope with the language

On an average, learning the English language is said to take about seven years to gain complete proficiency. ELL students may lag behind the rest of the class and may need a little extra attention in the pursuit of learning the new language. This is where Lingo Jingo comes in and you can use the features and resources it offers to help your ELL students.


  • We can help by providing an online platform that will supplement everything that is being taught in the classroom.
  • By constructing your own teaching style, you can cater to the needs of different students in a different manner.
  • You can use this platform to develop creative ways to help ELL students build their vocabulary and eventually, master the language.

How does Lingo Jingo stand apart from the rest?

Of course, teachers are the most important factor in any teaching process, but additional help for teachers can never be a hindrance. We, at Lingo Jingo, strive to help you as a facilitator by supplementing your teaching methods through our online platform. We aim to provide lessons that will encourage the ELL students to keep learning and practicing, all the while being monitored under the watchful eyes of their teachers. Therefore, in this manner, they will be able to get that extra attention and practice needed in order to cope with the language better. Visit http://lingojingo.com for more information