Living in The USA – Lingo Jingo

Living in the USA is fun here’s how an ELL student can learn more about life in the USA! Start learning English here:

Living in The USA - LingoJingo


What is ‘Summer Slide’, Does it Affect Language Learning, and How Can it Be Avoided?

Stats show that summer breaks have a negative impact on the students, the break cuts them off from their learning and they are back to square one. Register with Lingo Jingo and keep yourself connected to the students even while on a break so that they are well versed with the material even after it.

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Lingo Jingo Wins Phase 2 SBIR Award from US Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Phase 1 of the SBIR program has brought Lingo Jingo in the limelight in a big way and a lot of schools and education institutes have adopted the teaching software, keep up with the latest trends with Lingo Jingo the language learning software.

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Learn How to Get Your Free Trial of Lingo Jingo’s ELL and World Language Teaching Platform

Match the students’ activities to their curriculum and add your own videos, lessons, images etc to get them used to your unique and personalized teaching ways, Register with Lingo Jingo and give teaching a whole new meaning.

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